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Master in Animal Law and Society

4 Edition
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The master in Animal Law and Society is a professional specialisation programme which aims to train experts in animal-related professions. It is based on a comparative law perspective, while bearing in mind the needs of society as a whole.

The master is highly interdisciplinary and seeks to provide integrated training in the knowledge of animals in the fields of law, ethology, nutrition and welfare, ethical dimensions, artistic representations and entertainment, organisation and social responsibility.

The master is heavily focused on practical sessions, since it aims to train professionals in handling the new challenges posed by society and its relation with animals. The programme is addressed to those interested in developing a profession related to animals, providing them with the necessary theoretical and practical skills demanded by a society in constant communication and increasingly aware of the role a humane treatment to animals represents for sustainable development and for a peaceful coexistence.

We have opened the possibility of studying the first two modules that comprise the Master's program, offered as a single course of specialization in Animal Law and Society, and that leads to a Certificate of advantage.

Admission requirements

- Degree or diploma holders in any discipline (preferably in Law, Humanities, Philosophy, Veterinary Medicine, History, Communication Science, Biology, Environmental Science, Education).

Student profile:
- People working, volunteering or with an interest in animal associations, centres or protection organisations.
- Local, autonomous and central government employees; named positions in the abovementioned administrations.
- Security force employees.


Facultat de Dret, Campus UAB, Bellaterra (Barcelona)

Degree obtained upon completing the programme

Master Diploma in Animal Law and Society

  • English (50%)
  • Spanish (50%)

- Provide students with the theoretical and practical tools needed to be familiar with legal measures taken in relation to animal protection, so that at the end of the course students have a total comprehension of how laws work in this specific and novel material; i.e. how to acquire and apply critical knowledge for anyone interested in working as a lawyer or a consultant to animal production industries; in veterinary clinics; training centres; local, regional and national corporations; non-governmental organisations; international or governmental organisations; and in teaching or research tasks.
- Approach subjects from a dynamic perspective to make students aware of the challenges posed by an increasingly globalised society which demands legal answers to the changes produced by animal rights movements.
- Make students aware of the problems and legal proposals offered and what perspectives of change and improvement could be proposed in the field of animal welfare.
- Give support to new media channels and research means for professionals acting as liaisons between the university and society.
- Apply the knowledge obtained to new or less developed environments found with multidisciplinary contexts.

Career opportunities

- Experts in international, governmental, national and local agencies, private companies and industries, education centres and the media.
- Specialisation in animal law as a judge, lawyer, or other legal operator in different branches of application.
- Consultant to companies and local, regional or national organisations, veterinary centres, education centres, animal shelters, protection organisations, security forces.
- Preparing the tools necessary to give support to individual projects aimed at improving animal welfare.
- Positions in local, regional and national administration bodies.
- Expert consultant in zoos and experimentation, production, entertainment and communication centres.
- Implementation of expert, quality projects which can assume the new requirements derived from greater knowledge of the legal status of animals and the social recognition of that status.
- Preparation for teaching animal law and society on academic and basic levels.

Specific skills

- Understand the study of animals from a globalised legal and social perspective.
- Obtain a profound, comprehensive and integrated view on animal rights and how to implement these rights.
- Transform the study of legal protection for animals into a professionalisation tool and a service to society, with the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to make an immediate and positive impact directly from this branch of law.
- Understand the possibilities and limitations in applying animal rights within technological contexts.
- Offer theoretical and practical tools needed for an efficient management of the welfare of animals.
- Design and manage projects for the protection, reinforcement and development of animal rights.
- Lead the work of communities, teams and departments which work with or are interested in the improvement of animal welfare.
- Develop the ability to be analytical and critical with the aim of creating one's own arguments in professions related to animal welfare and to the transfer of acquired knowledge.

Transversal skills

- Stimulate dynamic comprehension of multi-level concepts and notions
- Organise and systematise legal and social information resources
- Independent learning and teamwork skills
- Ability to integrate theoretical data from different areas of knowledge into a practical project
- Develop legal reasoning within applied contexts
- Integrate knowledge and practical skills into the context of a globalised society

Information and pre-registration

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