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International Summer School

Customised Programmes: a unique academic and personal experience

These programmes are addressed to groups of international students wishing to receive academic training in a quality university centre and to choose the subjects and timetables which fit their needs.

Your best choice to spend a summer learning experience

Universitat Aut˛noma de Barcelona created the new UAB International Summer School  to offer foreign students a unique and enriching academic and personal experience during the months of summer. The programme is backed by the guarantee of quality of one of the best universities in Europe, the UAB, and is offered in extraordinary natural surroundings dedicated exclusively to university life and a few minutes away from one of the most interesting cities of the Mediterranean, Barcelona.

Barcelona: A great place to study and to live

Barcelona is a leading city of Europe and the Mediterranean. It is open, dynamic, cosmopolitan and modern, with an important cultural heritage dating back more than two thousand years.

Great artists such as Antoni GaudÝ, Joan Mirˇ, Pablo Picasso and Mies van der Rohe have left their mark on the city. Its ample offers in culture including museums, monuments, exhibit halls, concerts and all types of events, plus its rich diverse gastronomy, makes it a city that is alive and active 24 hours a day.

Although it is one of the most urban cities in Europe, Barcelona is surrounded by nature and only minutes from a more easy-paced life, where visitors can enjoy excellent beaches or discover the nearby Pyrenees and other mountain ranges offering magnificent landscapes and top ski resorts.

UAB Campus: All you need is a short walk away

Studying at UAB is the perfect way to ensure an excellent learning experience in an open and multicultural environment, with everything you need a short distance away. 

Libraries, bookstores, a sports centre and cinema hall can all be found on campus, as well as other community services. The International Welcome Point is located in the centre of the UAB campus, where international students and lecturers can find all the information they may need to make their stay more enjoyable.

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